26TEN Literacy Awareness – help with reading, writing and numeracy


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Literacy means more than being able to read and write. It’s the ability to apply these skills along with oral communication, numeracy and creative thinking to everyday life. When we talk about literacy in Tasmania we are talking about functional literacy. That is, the level of literacy you need to participate in modern life. This level is higher today than it was 50 years ago.

What do people have trouble with?
• Reading safety signs
• Getting their driver licence
• Using a calculator
• Internet banking
• Working out percentages
• Sending a text
• Reading to their children
• Understanding medical instruction and more.

1 in 2 Tasmanian adults find it hard to do some of these everyday tasks.

How can you help? You can create a literacy friendly workplace, volunteer to be a literacy tutor, become a supporter of 26TEN, or simply read for pleasure.

To find out more contact:

Huonville Library
Phone: (03) 6121 7010
Email: toni.shea-butler@education.tas.gov.au
Location: 1 Skinner Drive, Huonville.


GeCo – Geeveston Community Centre
Phone: (03) 6297 1616
Email: literacygeco@gmail.com

Website: http://26ten.tas.gov.au/Pages/default.aspxor