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Aquarobics is a fitness program for seniors with the aim of flexibility and maintenance that has been running for 15 years to date.
The purpose of aquarobics is to:

  • Provide low impact exercises of a kind which are hard for those of advancing years to perform under full body weight, but which are easy in the pool where that weight is halved
  • To aim at flexibility and maintenance
  • To provide a lively social setting and introduction to new friends of like mind.

How fit should one be to attend?

Present users encompass people who have had joint replacement surgery (hips, knees, and shoulders) and have used the exercise for rehabilitation, and other medical conditions where mobility is compromised. Balance problems can benefit from the fact that one cannot fall and hurt oneself in water. Average attendance 20 to 30 people.

Age group 50 to 120 years.

Opening hours: Monday and Friday 8am to 9am.

For more information contact:

Phone: (03) 6264 0310
Location: Port Huon Aquatic Centre, 4421 Huon Hwy, Port Huon