Elder Specialist Services Tasmania Inc.


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Elder Specialist Services Tasmania’s mission is to promote, develop and deliver a range of services that support and enhance positive ageing. These services are underpinned by principles that promote autonomy, visibility, diversity, dignity, respect for human rights and safety for older Tasmanians

What We Offer:

  • Narrative Elder Mediation; Restorative Conversations and Conferences
  • Counselling & therapeutic work, including clinical supervision
  • Training; Awareness sessions & Workshop facilitation
  • Arts based projects that value and promote the narratives of Tasmanian elders
  • Deconstructing the narratives of ageing and re-storying through conversations and writings
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Policy Input and development

Where we operate?

  • ESST offers services across Southern Tasmania. We have counselling rooms in Hobart at ‘The Parsonage’ 160 New Town Road New Town and at 16 Wilmot Road Huonville.
  • Counselling, mediation and workshop spaces can be accessed in all regions.
  • If your preference is for mediation to happen in the familiarity of your home or in the aged care facility in which you reside, we can arrange for this to happen.


  • Counselling, mediation, restorative conferences workshops, supervision services costs are negotiated at the time of booking, depending on numbers of participants and time.
  • As a not for profit we aim to ensure that all people can access our service so please contact us to discuss if cost may be a barrier to accessing our service.


  • People can refer themselves to our service or organisations may refer you with your consent.
  • Referrals can be made to Debbie Dunn on: 0429 098 853 or Kathy Stephenson on 0409 417 718

Our Philosophy

  • All of us deserve the right to agency and autonomy

For more information contact

Debbie Dunn on 0429 098 853 or Kathy Stephenson on 0409 417 718