Literacy Project at Duggans Pty Ltd

Left to right: Rodney Duggan, Leon Duggan, Jeremy Rockliff MP, Brent Hardy, Chris Piper and Mark Smith

On Thursday 29th of June Duggans Pty Ltd received a $50,000 26TEN Employer Grant which was presented by Minister for Education and Training Jeremy Rockliff.

With 50% of Tasmanians not having the level of literacy and numeracy needed to cope with the everyday demands of life, 26TEN employer grants can support businesses to use plain English and improve literacy and numeracy for employees which will increase productivity, compliance, reduce safety incidences and help businesses adapt to change.

Knowing this, General Manager Brent Hardy from Duggans applied for a grant to roll out a project at Duggans called Duggans Civil Digital Communications (DCDC).

This project has three parts to it:

  • Plan English awareness – which will raise employee awareness of how plain English in workplace communication such a signs, documentation and forms can impact people’s ability to understand it clearly.
  • Improving written documentation – rewriting documentation, forms etc so they are in plain English
  • Improving employee skills – providing support and training to employees with in the Civil/Earthworks department to complete safety forms and reports, and develop skills to communicate effectively using information technology.

We look forward to hearing from Brent and his team at Duggans on the success of the project. If you are interested in learning more about 26TEN Grants you can visit the 26TEN website here:

26TEN Employer Grants are currently open and available until February 2018
26TEN Community Grants are currently open and available until November 2017